NILUS – le making of !

And here is the making of !




NILUS is screened in Georgia !

Nilus got it’s second selection in festival !

It will be a part of the TOFUZI international festival of animated films in Georgia in the category “best debut”:

And it starts today!



More BTS pics !

I Know, I know, it’s very frustrating, some of you guys really want to see that NILUS ***ing movie and we keep waiting before publishing it online. It’s definitely gonna happen! But… not yet.

So in the meantime, here are a few more pictures from the making of NILUS ! Yes it’s always in the same room…

(click on one of then to open the BIG NICE viewer that I’ve just discovered ! )

NILUS goes to UK !

Hello Everyone!

We are super excited to announce that NILUS will be screened  in Official selection in Bristol, UK for the Encounters short film and animation festival 2012 ! The festival takes place from 18-23 september and We’ll be there!

What a great news 🙂

The full list of selected films : Bristol list

Check the festival : Encounters 2012 Bristol

What now?


finally the film is completed and we will be able to move on with our lives and some new exciting projects.  It has been possible thanks to Marc Baril, a Quebecer music composer living in vancouver,  who’s done an incredible score in such a short time for us and Todd Leblanc who’s done the sounddesign, foley and the final mix of the film.

We feel really lucky that we’ve met those guys and are thankful for their help. They both have done a great job! Make sure to check them out!

Now for the film itself, we’re submitting it to a bunch of festivals and hopefully it will find a place to be screened 🙂


Hey everyone,

here is a new excerpt of the film! The MEGAMARKET scene.

Enjoy 🙂

NILUS editing is done!

Hello everyone,

Sorry we’ve been quiet for a while. Long story short, we have left Switzerland to live (at least) 1 year in Canada! Yep, Canada! We’re currently in Vancouver, BC. Beautiful area! However, lot of rain so far.

But that’s not to bad because it forced us to finish the editing of NILUS! Hurrah!

Basically what happened is this : Both of us quit our daily job in Switzerland in last November to A, finish the shooting of that project (after  starting two years ago…Ouch) and B, Go to Canada to improve our English, travel, meet new people, discover another culture, new places and all those nice things that goes within 🙂

We took a flight to Vancouver on February 4th having finished the shoot on January the 31st. The fastest packing ever!! (for us at least).

So now the film is in its final step of production : sound design & music! Useless to say how excited we are!

PS. You will love this guy.


The NILUS team


Salut à tous!

Navré d’avoir été silencieux tout ce temps. Pour faire court, nous avons quitté notre suisse natale pour vivre (au moins) un an au Canada! Oui, Canada! Nous sommes actuellement à Vancouver en Colombie Britannique. Magnifique région mais beaucoup de pluie jusqu’à présent.

Ce qui n’est pas si mal car cela nous aura forcé à terminer le montage de NILUS! Hourrah!

En gros voici ce qu’il s’est passé : Nous avons tous les deux quitté nos jobs en suisse en novembre dernier pour A: terminer le tournage de ce projet (après avoir commencé il y a plus de deux ans maintenant…Ouch!) et B: Aller au Canada pour améliorer notre anglais, voyager, rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, découvrir une autre culture, de nouveaux lieux et toutes ces bonnes choses qui vont avec 🙂

Nous avons pris un vol pour Vancouver le 4 février dernier ayant terminé le tournage 4 jours avant (le 31 janvier). L’emballage de nos affaires le plus rapide de l’histoire! ( la notre en tout cas…)

Donc maintenant le film est dans sa toute dernière étape de (post) production : sound design & musique! Inutile de dire à quel point nous sommes excités!

PS. Vous allez adorer ce type.

A bientôt!

L’équipe de NILUS 

what’s up!?


Hey everyone!

Juste in case you wonder… Huuuuuuuuge amount of work achieved !!! We haven’t stop AT ALL 🙂

Back on track! (early history)

Well, basically we started this project in the beginning of 2010. Long time ago! It was just an idea Alex and I had to make a movie (in stop motion) with our cuddly toy … yes. Alex then started to build this kind of sport’s car for Pinou (one of the actors) without really knowing how much time it was gonna take. Off course we wrote the story before starting but this is for another post.

The project was born.


We quickly realized that we were gonna need a lot more space to build the sets at this scale! That’s why we sacrificed our living room and turned it into a home studio/workshop that we modify as we build new sets.


Since  2010 then, we never stopped making sets, costumes and accessories for the film during our spare time ( mostly weekends and evenings) and today we have shot i’d say 1/3 of the movie (which should be approximatively 6-7 minutes). No, it’s not a professional work, we learn by doing and it takes us so much time because we still have to work beside this to pay the rent etc.


For the process, we try to storyboard most of the shots. Actually we draw only very basic vignettes to be sure it’s gonna stick for the editing (which is kinda shot and edited at a few frames close). Absolutely EVERYTHING is build from scratch (except the bare protagonists cuddly toys who are survivors of Alex’s childhood) with paper, cardboards, tape, glue, paint, wood, foam, old wears… and a LOT ( i mean a lot) of patience!


For technical stuffs, this is a mix of stop motion technique (a.k.a. one frame at the time) with video shot on a CANON EOS 7D. We want to banish the computer effects as much as we can but still use it for a few keyed stuffs… We also built a DIY millimetered travelling system, bought some cheap lights from a big store very well known…and a few gels and diffusion.


Alex is now working full time on the film and we hope to finish it for fall.

I will soon post more pics of behind the scenes and some short clips too 🙂

thanks for reading!

N1.0 team



Here is the very first teaser of NILUS 1.0!!


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